If you move the incorporated hub on the left-hand outer cover, the image makes you feel like you’re right there with the band as it starts to move behind the ten circular punch holes. Once you open the cover, the six-sided gatefold cover unfolds to become a panoramic view almost a metre wide. In the middle, and at the sides, regal vinyl lies within its sturdy cardboard. The analogue record. It is not only conquering markets – 32% growth in the last year in the American market alone; in 2015, record players were the most widely sold item on Amazon – but is also winning over the hearts of music lovers across all genres. Whether it’s Taylor Swift, AC/DC or Adele, there is barely an artist today who doesn’t release their albums on vinyl. The vinyl record is back.

Topac taps into its decades of expertise and its passion to design unique record covers.


Passionate This fascination goes beyond analogue playback. Most of all, it is album covers that get music lovers around the world going. A cover is music in a visual form. In all its complexity and passion. At Topac, a bespoke tailor of perfect record covers, we understand this passion. The 70s vinyl cover machines are still found in the machine room. Other companies have long since got rid of them, but here they are nurtured. Unlike with a CD, which can be produced in a fully automated manner, a vinyl record cannot be manufactured without a human touch. This is particularly true if the covers need to reflect the artist’s specific desires.


Customised implementation

Topac can provide a team of specialists and the latest technology in order to fulfil even the most unusual requests. This allows prototypes to be put together in a few hours, or even minutes, and to be presented to the customer for approval. It is not just about maintaining a standard; it is about fulfilling the packaging requirements with the same passion that musicians have for music. No matter whether it’s a cover, a maxi-cover, a gate fold or a vinyl slipcase.

On the Topac website, designers from all over the world will find the layout data for a very wide range of record cover designs. The gatefold cover with a hub is also available for download there.

Majestic vinyl gets its finest suits from Topac. Because here they are still practised in the art of spectacular packaging for classic products – every time.

Topac implements individual requests within a short time period.
  • Cardboard products manufactured in 2016: 90 million
  • Plotter samples/mock-ups in 2016: just under 5,000
  • Templates in the product database: more than 5,000
  • Annual product developments and adjustments: more than 700
  • Oldies but goldies: 3 vinyl cover machines from the 70s
  • Colour mixes in our colour laboratory per year: around 600