Looking to make your product the talk of the town by upgrading in quality? Special print finishes such as foil stamping or blind embossing, form punching and special paints offer some fascinating possibilities. They also create a tactile and visual experience.

Allow us to advise you about how to make your product unique, and take inspiration from our diverse and innovative patterns.

Foil embossing

Foil embossing is particularly important when it comes to differentiation and presentation of products at the point of sale. Materials and metallic effect lend the packaging a particular air of excitement. The brand message you will be sending will be one of luxury, high value and elegance. Metallic foils, such as silver or gold, provide a high degree of contrast between matte and glossy elements. Here, the visually relevant layers are placed at the same level as the substrate, generating impressive visual effects. For a harmonious result in tandem with the surrounding printed image, there is a wide range colours, colour nuances and brightness of metallic foils available.

Cold foil printing

In addition to traditional hot stamping, cold foil printing can add new dimensions to a design. With this process, even the finest structures, grid patterns, small fonts and metallic colours can be implemented. The ability to print over cold foil with scale colours and other colours creates new metallic hues, such as when silver foil is used. What’s more, all of this is done at a high standard of quality with exceptionally sharp edges. Depending on the image, it must be considered whether a better effect is achieved by the partial finishing of certain details or by a full-surface finish. Colourful, metallic motifs are suitable as image elements placed in sharp relief against the background. Realistic representations of shimmering and reflective surfaces such as water or glass can be achieved.


Blind stamping in the embossing and debossing variants is a relief stamping method that does not involve the transfer of a colouring stamping foil. For embossing, the motif is raised; with debossing, it is indented. If a motif is embossed, there are options to either have single-layered or multi-layered blind stamping. Elements of the image can be highlighted spatially and three dimensionally in a realistic manner. Depending on the motif in question, the multidimensional rendering, combined with the effects of light and shadow, creates a wide range of visual effects and a tactile experience. When combined with a partial glossy finish or stamped foil, this means that the packaging will attract even greater attention.

Partial contour paint

Partial contour paint highlights individual elements of the image visually and three dimensionally. True to the concept of “less is more”, the visual impression is dominated by a matte finish effect. A glossy coating is usually applied to a matte surface, producing a visible result. Even fine details such as a grid can be shown with a high degree of brilliance.

Foil laminate

A full-surface foil laminate that is partially overprinted with opaque white and translucent colours gives your product a special metallic exterior. In addition to the familiar silver foil, various metallic colour, laser and diffraction foils are also used. All design options are open to you, from holographic effects to a wide range of nuances of colour.

Relief paint

With relief paint, also known as pseudo-embossing, you can achieve the effect of two types of finish in just one job. The glitz and glamour of the relief paint create an impressive effect without adding extra tooling costs. This finish is also suitable for text written in braille. Unlike embossing, which can only be seen and felt on one side, this method is suitable for printing on both sides.

Decorative paint

It’s nearly impossible to list all the possible finishes. In addition to the variants already introduced, we can also offer other alternatives. Whether you are interested in textured paint, an Iriodin finish, flocking, scratch card coating or another method of increasing product value – we will find the right finish for you. Make use of our experience, especially when it comes to the ways of combining different methods.

3D effect varnish

3D-effect varnish is a gloss varnish that is applied linearly as a fine microstructure. A very wide range of patterns are possible here: from squares or triangles to arcs or circular shapes. Within these geometric shapes, the line structures are aligned with one another, which creates a tactile and visually exquisite impression – on single-colour surfaces, for example. On cardboard that is laminated with holographic foil, the light refraction of the fine lines almost causes a colour explosion. Under a changing incidence of light or viewing angle, the colours change constantly, creating additional effects. 3D-effect varnish can also be used in some cases, to great effect.

Contour punching

Whether it is used to give the packaging a special shape or to offer customers a peek at the contents – a contour punch gives your product a certain je ne sais quoi. To present the contents in a visible yet protected manner, PET film is often glued in place behind individual punched patterns. An absolute highlight to impress your customers at the point of sale when combined with other finishes. Our team will be happy to advise you with regard to technical framework conditions for data storage.

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