Quality and environmental responsibility are a matter of course for us. That is why quality standards and environmental guidelines are an important part of our corporate philosophy.

Standard offset printing (PSO) process

It goes without saying that we take the utmost care in the monitoring, inspection and optimisation of our manufacturing processes. The offset print process standards label reflects our standardised process and the consistently high print quality of our products in accordance with the ISO standard 12647-2.

Quality management – DIN EN ISO 9001

We meet the highest standards in our consulting activities and in the manufacturing of our products, and we are always working to optimise our processes. Our commitment is recognised by the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, which involves the independent auditing of our quality standards.

Information security management – DIN EN ISO 27001

Processing data, including both the intellectual property of our customers and the data required to manage our production, is necessary to support our business processes and is an important asset that deserves protection. To this end, we operate an information security management system as per ISO 27001.

FOOD Safety management system – FSSC 22000

Part of our corporate policy is to set ourselves new standards,  and  to develop solutions that meet them. Stringent requirements apply in particular to the use of carton board products in the Food Packaging sector and there are very high standards to be met regarding the  hygienic cleanliness of the product. Therefore,  we are proud to announce that we have achieved these standards by attaining  company certification  according to FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management.



Energy management – DIN EN ISO 50001

How we manage energy is everybody’s business. In order to constantly improve its energy efficiency, Topac agrees to be bound to evaluate its energy consumption systematically, to plan energy saving methods and to monitor the implementation thereof. The energy management system, which we introduced voluntarily, supports us with the energy-related optimisation of our systems and processes. Regular independent inspection certifies that we are following the provisions of ISO 50001.

REACH – top quality materials

Consumer protection and product safety are a priority for us. That is why we have brought the manufacture of our products in line with the REACH Directive. The REACH Directive was introduced to be able to better assess the risks that existing and new chemicals pose to people and the environment. Registering, evaluating and authorising chemicals ensures that in the EU, only permitted materials are used during production processes that require chemicals.

As a “downstream user”, we are not subject to REACH registration requirements. Nevertheless, we have had each partner confirm, as part of the duty to provide information, that the materials delivered conform to standards. This allows us to ensure our production goes ahead with REACH-compliant materials and guarantees a chemically harmless end product. You can find our official declaration regarding this in the services section of the download area.

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Quality and environmental management

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